Early Start Family Support Services


The London Borough of Ealing formed a new service called Early Start Ealing, bringing together staff from children’s centres, early years and health visiting

Who is the service for?

 The service will be aimed at pregnant mums, babies and children up to the age of five; and will focus on health and wellbeing, speech and language development and early learning.

Aims of the Early Start Service

  • Provide all families with a clear point of contact and clear communications.
  • Work with families and communities to improve health and education outcomes.
  • Support families to keep children safe from harm.
  • Support early intervention to deliver the right help when it is needed
  • Deliver additional services for families in greater need.
  • Be flexible to respond to the needs of the family, i.e. through home-visiting, and delivery of services locally such as through children’s centres or other community venues.
  • Develop family support in partnership with other services where ongoing help is required.
  • Support the community by developing a range of services that help families to raise their children well, i.e. with access to appropriate services and activities.


If you need to register click on the following link

Ealing Children's Centre Registration Forms


Early Start Team Contact Details:

TEL: 020 8993 4049

FAX: 020 8993 7582