Please do not hesitate to approach any member of staff if you have a query or comment to make.


How to feedback on the Centre's Service


We try to involve families in the improvement of our services and particularly when we are formulating the centre development plan. We do this in a number of ways including the use of satisfaction surveys, asking participants to evaluate the groups they have attended, discussions between staff and families and evaluation sessions held as part of a large centre event.

Families elect 5 parents to sit on the governing body and it is their responsibility to represent their views.

The vast majority of users are very complimentary about our services and we keep the many letters and cards of thanks and appreciation which we are grateful to receive. However, we are also aware that there may be times when you are less satisfied or have concerns and therefore we have a “Compliments and Complaints Policy

In reception, under the staff photos noticeboard, there is a postbox for any comments that families would like to make