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Welcome to Acorn Room



Acorn Room is integrated into Oak Classroom and supports children with social communication difficulties.

Your child will have a key-person and you will be informed of their name during the home- visit. You will be able to talk to your child’s key person on a daily basis but please remember that if you think your discussion will need a longer time than a few minutes, then please let your child’s key person know. This will mean that you will need to turn up ten minutes earlier.

All Staff are welcoming and very experienced and have relevant training to support your child to learn, enjoy and achieve.

Children are taught from the very beginning about boundaries and expectations of behaviour. This is supported through the use of language, gesture, Makaton, Picture resources, Picture Exchange Communication (PECS), visual timetables and repetition, structure of routines and special activities such as ‘Bucket Group’, which supports the development of attention and listening skills.

Acorn Room work very closely with outside professionals who come on site, such as the Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapists and Educational Psychologist. They work 1:1 with your child and provide therapy programmes and reports for your child’s key- person as well as you as parents and carers to follow. Once your child has started and settled into nursery a meeting will be arranged so that all of the professional involved and yourselves can meet and share information.

It is very important that your child gets to nursery at the correct time because when the session has started it may mean that you will have to wait to enter the room, if a group activity is in progress. This is so that the other children and staff carrying out the targeted work are not distracted.

There are fixed holiday dates for Acorn Room and you will be given a letter with term dates for the coming year. Term dates can also be found on our website 

Welcome and enjoy your time with us here at South Acton Children’s Centre…

Acorn Room.