Giving our families the best start in life
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Welcome to our Children’s Centre, where our mission is to ensure every child in Acton gets the best start in life. From pre-pregnancy to 5 years old, we offer a range of services, including education, childcare, health services, various support groups, and more. Our offer includes a nursery school, specialist units for children with special educational needs (SEN), full-day care, wrap-around care, and a holiday play scheme. The Early Start Team and midwives also operate from our centre, expanding our services.

As the hub centre, South Acton Children’s Centre leads five centres in the Acton Locality and operates from other venues in the area. We take pride in our reputation as a warm, friendly, and caring centre where children thrive. Our close partnership with parents is central to helping families reach their full potential, fostering confidence, resourcefulness, and happiness in every individual.

Explore our website for details on our centre’s aims, values, and the services we provide. While we hope you find all the information you need online, please don't hesitate to reach out through phone calls or visits if you wish to learn more.

Very best wishes,

Mandy Roach

Head of Centre




Ofsted says...

"The staff have established excellent partnerships with parents and multi-agency working that truly supports all children's care and learning needs.  Parents and professionals know they are welcome and they regularly come into the nursery to work with staff, children and parents."

we offer...

Our aim for all is to: Be safe, be healthy, have lots of fun and do well at school.

For all children to become successful adults and have a good life.

Warmest wishes from the staff and governors for a joyous festive season!